Rain in Phu Quoc


You will be relived, if not surprised (the photos have been up for more than a month) to hear that I made it to the turbo prop plane that would take us to Phu Quoc. I felt like hell, more from dehydration than anything else, but I made it.

Arriving in Phu Quoc, we allowed ourselves to let a tout talk us into going to Tropicana. This was quite a good plan, as it happened. Tropicana is a nice little resort and although not the cheapest, was certainly good value. There was a pretty pool and a lovely beach, palm trees, and a comfy bed. There was also the promise of a better bungalow on the sea front the next day. I was pretty cool with staying, and was starting to show some evidence of perking up. I even felt like I might manage some pho, although we stayed in the resort for it on that particular night.

The first day, it was still raining, but even in the rain it was lovely. I went for a happy rainy swim, and drank some coffee watching the rain, and as it dried up, a quick swim in the sea. I also made friends with the happy dog who lived in the resort. This would be a bad resort to stay in if you hated dogs