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Phu Quoc International Airport is a new airport is being built on the island of Phu Quoc, Vietnam, by Southern Corporation airports is the construction with the capacity to receive 3   to 4 million passengers / year. Harbor International Airport standards for the operation of modern aircraft, such as Boeing 777, Boeing 747-400 or equivalent. This project is the first international airport to be deployed in Vietnam in the form of 100% foreign invested enterprises,   total investment of more than 16,200 billion. When put into operation, Phu Quoc International Airport will be the 3rd international airport be built in South Vietnam, to completely replace the old airport which is a new building located 10 km.

Formation process

Phu Quoc airport built during the French colonial period, major transportation DC3 aircraft with a capacity of 32 seats, which is then exploited to continue during the American invasion of South Vietnam. Airports undergo upgrading in 1983 from 996m to 1496m, can meet the larger-sized aircraft. Station and a number of works for construction in 1994-1995.


Airport construction investment grade-4E of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO),   3000m runway 45m x, parallel taxiways 23m x 3000m, has rolled off the road system meeting the requirements of operators, air traffic control, aircraft parked 6-8 aircraft parking position for A 320 – A 321 peak with an area of 60000m2; passengers and station in the station area.

24,000 m 2, the capacity of serving 2.65 million passengers / year;   equipment operated flight commander and other technical items. The entire foundation of the landing roll length 7000 m, width 60 m.

According to the plan to 2030, Phu Quoc international airport capable of receiving 20 aircraft during peak hours, the amount of cargo through the port was 27,600 tons / year capacity of 7 million passengers / year, the peak can accommodate 3,500 people.

Oriented development

Phu Quoc International Airport is scheduled for completion in the third quarter of 2012, to completely replace the existing Phu Quoc airport. Phu Quoc airport will contribute to the development of Phu Quoc island into an eco-tourism center, resort and cruise regional and international. Along with Tra Noc airport, Phu Quoc airport will help the Mekong River Delta direct connection with the city in Asia.


At the time of 2006, there are at least three major corporations of the U.S., Germany and UK registration survey and participate in the building.   Total investment in road construction HCC, taxiways nearly 1,500 billion passenger terminal project and auxiliary works over 1.5 billion. Total investment in 2020 of about 8050 billion and 2030 is 16,200 billion.   Projects under its Regional Airport